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New Skytrims

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Brand New SkyTrim Units

SkyTrim 75 ft WH XT
Brand New!

The newest in track machine design with the power
to get through the tough terrain.

This recent addition to the SkyTrim line is the tracked telescoping tree trimmer.
It's ideal for reaching those really difficult places.

* Ground contact length of 117.5 inches
* 75 ft. working reach
* Fiberglass is electrically insulated and tested to meet ANSI standards of 100 kV

* Equipped with single 24" diameter carbon-tipped saw
* Powered with a Deutz air-cooled diesel engine New for SkyTrim - 150 HP
Available with three track designs
All rubber track or a cleated track are available
* Enclosed cab with A/C and heater.

Click here to download the brochure in PDF format with complete specs.



Introducing the

SkyTrim GEN II
75 ft WH
Rubber-Tired Unit




SkyTrim GEN II Telescoping Tree Trimmer
with 75 ft of reach is the all new second generation of SkyTrim productivity.

Here's what's new:

  • Repowered with a CAT C4.4 127 HP 4-cylinder, 4.4L, turbocharged, charge-air-cooled, water cooled, full muffler system, EPA Tier 3 compliant.
  • Cab was widened 4" to accommodate the operator's console. The console is completely inside the cab to eliminate the need for an extra sliding window to access the control box. This console includes an electronic engine throttle control as well as SAE J1939 Engine Diagnostics display for monitoring the engine parameters. The console also features a hydraulic temperature gauge for convenient diagnosis of hydraulic cooling issues. The saw on/off control is an electric safety switch mounted on the console. This switch operates a solenoid operated hydraulic valve outside of the cab thus removing additional hydraulic fluid from the operator's cab.
  • Engine compartment expanded for easier access to pumps and other components.
  • Improved hose reel cover. Larger and made from ¼" steel plate.
  • Hose rollers design improved. Rollers made from 2" diameter UHMW. Pins have full welded heads and square stock added to tilt frame to prevent pins from turning and wearing into tilt frame structure.
  • The seat base in the operator's cab is adjustable and has three positions to best suit the operator's needs. The base can be adjusted between 0, 5, and 10 degrees of rearward tilt to offer the operator a more comfortable position for viewing limbs during trimming operations.
  • Boom cradle and boom up/down cylinder pins now feature tapped holes in the heads for use with slide hammers to aid in removal.
  • Larger diameter pulleys on rear of boom drive assembly to improve hose feeding and to prevent wear and tear on hoses and pulleys.
  • Saw frame weldment material has been increased, as well as stiffeners added for more robust design and improved longevity.
  • Broom drive mount redesigned so that the diverter valves are lying flat to prevent build up of debris and water on the valve end caps. Diverter valves are redesigned to add a brass collar inside the valve to prevent spools from sticking.
  • Tilt frame has added large access openings in the side for improved mechanic access for maintenance and repair work. Large control valvebank is repositioned to have better access for adjustments and plumbing repair work.
  • Boom drive motion control valve has changed. We're using a manifold mount block that bolts directly to the boom drive motor. This eliminates the troublesome short hoses on previous design. We also changed the valve to ductile iron instead of aluminum to eliminate any possible problems with expansion and contraction of the aluminum blocks.
  • Cab has added front access panel for accessing hydraulic plumbing for foot pedals.
  • Electrical enclosure has been updated with standard automotive fuses for easy field repair and readily available automotive parts.
  • The boom drive now utilizes an overhung load adapter to support the massive side loads developed by the boom drive chain system. This will improve shaft seal life in the motor itself, as well as eliminate failures of motor shafts themselves. The boom drive sprocket is redesigned to utilize a taper lock bushing system. This will positively lock the sprocket in place on the shaft so that it cannot move or come completely off of the shaft during operation.
  • Improved heating and cooling in the cab. Changes as a whole will improve the heating and cooling capabilities of the operator's cab. To aid in cooling, the following changes were made. Removing all high pressure hydraulic oil from the cab will drastically reduce the heat load inside the cab. Saw, plow, and winch plumbing removed from the cab completely. Steering reduced to pilot pressure lines only. Foot pedal plumbing inside enclosure that is separated from operator's compartment. Pilot lines route through bulkhead fittings. This eliminates the large opening and allows for a more complete seal on the cab structure. The LH sliding window has been removed since the control panel is inside the cab. This will aid in sealing up the cab also. Removing large openings and the sliding window will greatly increase the ability to heat the cab to a comfortable temperature.
  • Keeper bolts on all thread rods on boom drive assembly were increased in size to 3/8".
  • Boom stop rocker arms are redesigned and repositioned to improve longevity of these components.
  • Plow, winch, and steering functions are now all pilot operated for smoother operation. The plow/winch controls are mounted such that the plumbing is entirely outside of the cab. Plow/winch controls moved to new location conveniently located in front of the operator to improve ease of operation. All hydraulic functions in the cab are routed through bulkhead fittings in the cab floor to better seal the cab for cooling purposes.

Click here to download the brochure in PDF
format with complete specs .

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